Welcome to the wiki of coxy.co!


Why a wiki?

There’s a lot of really random stuff that I think I could add online. Little tidbits of information that don’t really fit into a long-form blog post and need more structure than a post on Mastodon. And that’s kind of where the wiki fits right in.


The PmWiki software allows me to quickly and easily jot down thoughts and link them off to other pages on the wiki or around the internet. It’s a small, compact installation and very simple to edit pages, allowing me to create a brand new HTML page on the internet within a minute or two.

Recent Changes

You can see all the Recent Changes on the wiki, from all categories, and add the following address to your RSS reader for updates:


Verified quality information?

As with everything on the crazy world of the internet, take what you read with a spoonful of scepticism. Whilst I’m not here to lie and spread false truths, the format of the wiki instils a sense of trust. But, always check the sources. And if there aren’t any, do your own research.