ZCash (ZEC) Units and Denominations

I was thinking about how Bitcoin units and denominations in their currency - which sometimes makes it a lot easier to work out what you are sending, rather than dealing with a million decimal places.

When it comes to ZCash (ZEC), that's not so much of an issue, but maybe it is. Even with 1 ZEC priced at today's value, 20 Euro of ZEC is 0.11859583

So, here's a table of correlating prices and units and denominations.

NameAbbreviationValue in ZEC20 EUR1 EUR
ZecZEC1 ZEC0.11859583 ZEC0.00591856 ZEC
DecizdZ0.1 ZEC1.1860 dZ0.0592 dZ
CentzcZ0.01 ZEC11.860 cZ0.592 cZ
MillizmZ0.001 ZEC118.60 mZ5.92 mZ
MicrozuZ0.000001 ZEC11859 uZ5918 uZ
ZatoshiZAT0.00000001 ZEC11859583 ZAT591856 ZAT

(Based on 1 ZEC being equal to roughly 170 EUR)

Note: Wondering whether using the 'ᙇ' character to display units will work. Eg; ᙇ, dᙇ, cᙇ, mᙇ, uᙇ - but that kind of falls apart at ZAT.